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Expert in Meat Processing Services


The services offered by our company are as wide as to accommodate all your demanding requirements. Due to complexity of the process, it is practically impossible to generate a fixed offer that would be identical for all customers. Therefore, we prepare individual solutions of every process for every customer through our personal approach, combining our customers´ wishes and work invested by our managers.

As an example, let us provide a model solution indicating how a task is executed for a potential customer:

The meat plant is trying to solve a problem consisting in a high number of sick leaves of its employees in the carving department and it is dealing with two problems at present: Increased costs due to sick leaves of its employees and a lack of employees for the work to be done. In an ideal case - for us - they will contact our company demanding our services. Our managers will visit the meat plant in order to become familiar with needs of the meat plant; our technologist will be then sent to the plant in order to become familiar with the premises of the plant, with its running and sequence of its manufacturing processes and concrete requirements set by the customer; the technologist will analyze chances and possibilities and, based on those, he will prepare a solution offer and a price calculation. The calculation itself can be prepared very well for the customer because it is based on 1 kg of product (mostly input/output meat weights). The customer does not have to look after any further costs or the problem how many employees will or will not arrive at work, etc. The customer places a concrete requirement with us and we satisfy his wishes as required.

As indicated above, this offer is closely connected with customer’s requirements; it provides a complete problem solution and, as part of feasible possibilities, it offers the best option for the client.

Our services are used for permanent long-term orders as well as for seasonal swings that cannot be covered by meat plants’ own resources.

K&K SERVIS spol. s.r.o.

Martin Kučera

Company Executive

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